The goal of the Life Learning Center (LLC) is to offer classes, training and transformational experiences to individuals who are seeking true growth in their lives.

Founded in 1982 by Life Coach, Jo Erickson, the center offers revolutionary programs such as Family Constellation Workshops and courses in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to support and assist the deep understanding of personal patterns and facilitation of profound personal and professional growth.
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Meet Jo Erickson, Workshop Facilitator & Gifted Life Coach

Jo Erickson is renowned for her unique and innovative teaching methods and profound personal and professional guidance. With over 25 years experience running a thriving private practice, Jo is a powerful catalyst assisting and supporting her clients into personal and professional excellence.

As director of the Life Learning Center, she brings transformational growth programs to individuals, families, and organizations.

Recently featured in a National Geographic half-hour segment on releasing phobias, Jo is an internationally trained and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) instructor, and a master of NLP–based Family Constellation Systems and Group Dynamics, helping thousands of people develop effective use of their vital life skills.

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What is a Family Constellation Workshop?

Whether it is the one we are born into, the one we choose or our family of ethnicity, values, education or ethics, we all operate within the dynamics of a family. These associations, which are a part of us, often hold the answers to the dissolution of our personal barriers, areas of confusion, and patterns of thought and behavior. Family Constellation workshops allow participants to explore these family associations in experiential processes of deep clarity and resonance within the power and safety of a lively group dynamic.

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